HOLLINS Abroad Paris Reunion – 100 Years

I am a graduate of Hollins University located in Roanoke, VA.  While attending, had the opportunity to spend the year of 1979 studying abroad in PARIS. What an experience !!!! That’s one of the main reasons I choose HOLLINS–to study, live, and travel in Europe. The “best-selling” guide was EUROPE on $15.00/day. !!!! Today, that barely gets a coffee and croissant.

Hollins arranged a reunion for all students who had attended either HOLLINS ABROAD PARIS or HOLLINS ABROAD LONDON in a combined reunion. 2015 was the 60th anniversary of the Paris Program and the 40th anniversary of the London Program…and together that totals 100 years!!!

No classmates from my year (Class of 1981) attended the reunion, but I met other ladies who participated on the Abroad Programs.  I knew I would feel at ease with ladies who had the same adventurous spirit. Admittedly, I was one of the younger ones (rare in my life with a 5 year old).

I made the trip in memory of my aunt, Margaret Green Boeth, who  participated on the very first HOLLINS Abroad Paris. She was a student in Paris in 1956. Many blessings in my life are from the close relationship with my aunt, among them a love of Paris and a love of travel….we traveled many countries together. Everyday in Paris and London, I wore my aunt’s necklace and earrings and scarves I inherited from her. I walked miles among the streets of Paris to rediscover the classrooms, my French-family homes, our favorite bars, our favorite restaurants and well-tred parks. Thoughts of my student friends and thoughts of my aunt twirled through my mind like a never-ending movie reel.

After leaving PARIS and while in LONDON, the terrorists bombed Paris, France, on November 13, 2015. So sad, after spending such a lovely time there. So sorry, for the kind and generous citizens of Paris.

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