Hong Kong Day 6

Hong Kong – Day 6, The Wedding

It finally arrived!! The Wedding Celebration, which is why we made the trip to Hong Kong. Nelsilya married Lyman Cummings Doyle. Just to refresh your memory, if you asked us, Lyman Doyle is the son of a good friends, Rosemary and Terry Doyle. Rosemary was a journalist colleague of my Aunt Sissy’s (Margaret) at TIME magazine for years. I met the family in 1989 on my first trip to China and Hong Kong. I remained in contact as I returned to Hong Kong numerous times on business and have met with various family members through the years in New York City. Rosemary and Terry came through Knoxville in 2012. Their children, Lyman, the groom, and Lucy, his sister, were teenagers when I first met them. They both have lived fascinating and purposeful lives. I was honored to be invited to celebrate this occasion.

I guess you can tell which one is the bride, Nelsilya. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia. Bride and Groom met in Shangahi where both are working and living. These shots are at the hotel waiting for all to arrive for the ride to St. Margaret Mary Church, Happy Valley, Hong Kong. (great name!) Chinese custom has the groom picking up the bride at her house, so it is not forbidden for them to see one another before the wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Lyman Doyle


Mr. & Mrs. Lyman Doyle and Mr. & Mrs. Terry Doyle


At the 10-course Wedding Banquet !! we are sitting with a family with 3 boys. Alex and Michael Johnson live in Singapore, Malaysia, and their 7 year old son, Soren becomes fast friends with Colton. Another indication that boys all over the world are the same!! This ANGRY BIRD “thing” is really a global happening. As families we hang out together at the wedding Banquet and the Dim-Sum Luncheon the next day. Their dad, Michael Johnson, went to High School in Hong Kong with our friend, Lyman, the groom.

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