Hong Kong Day 5

Hong Kong – Day 5

In this fabulous adventure, we are taking a day to recoup from all the walking and sightseeing of the past week.  In a new place, with the adrenaline speeding through, one tends to try to do everything !!!!  And we certainly have… Up until now the weather has been overcast with low-lying clouds.  The tops of the mountains (THE PEAK) have been covered in mist.  Therefore, there has not been much of a view from the “top of the world”!!!  UNTIL TODAY.  We are striking out to visit THE PEAK and we hope the weather holds.  It seems to change around here on the hour…

We are taking the PEAK TRAM, an 18 minute ride from behind the Bank of China Building to the TOP of HONG KONG Island.  The tram is the quickest and most scenic way to arrive at The Peak, which rises 1,818 feet and is the highest viewing point on Hong Kong Island.  The Peak Tram has been in operation for 120 years….I hope there has been regular maintenance. !!!

View from the top of Victoria Peak, commonly referred to as THE PEAK. This building on the right, houses an observation deck on top. It’s design is inspired from the motifs found on ancient Chinese buildings. It’s my first visit to this particular building as it was built in the early 2000’s. (My last visit to Hong Kong was in 1995…) As is the case with all newly constructed areas, there are floors and floors of shopping galleries and numerous restaurants.

Of course, Colton, while waiting for the TRAM to The Peak, makes friends with another 5 year old (from Australia) waiting with her family. Seems as if all over the world, kids know the same games on the iPhone and iPad …..

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