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Margaret Rodgers
“Thanks for letting me be a part of your Precious Memories.  It is an honor and pleasure to serve.”–Margaret
MARGARET RODGERS began her personal WANDERLUST campaign after graduating from Bearden High School, Knoxville, TN. She was a clothing designer for 20 years WANDERING and living around the world.  Now she is happily settled back in her hometown with husband Clifford and son Colton.

Photography is a means of sharing my gift to capture and illustrate the beauty every soil.  I am honored to show these young people they re unique, talented, and valuable.  Many kids have never realized just how beautiful they are.”

“Creative” Is My Favorite Word

  • I am happiest when I am involved in a Creative Project. Creativity and Design is a process of problem solving: Knowing the criteria, the objectives, the methods and the process for coming to a solution in a creative manner. Photography is an extension of all the steps in my life so far.
  • In High School, my desire was to be a fashion designer. I designed and made 8 dresses for my Senior Prom…Remember, this was the late 70’s….
  • I moved to New York City to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design.
  • I knocked on doors in Italy, found a job as a fashion designer, stayed three years, learned another language, and discovered I loved the United States and the freedom women enjoy here. So I returned.

Fashion Designer

  • For 17 years, I studied and worked as a clothing designer.
  • I lived in New York City, France, Italy, and Hong Kong. I traveled constantly to regions in Europe for inspiration, factories in Asia for manufacturing and the beach at Cape Cod, MA for relaxation.
  • I developed an eye for what was new and hip and interpreted those new details and ideas into my clothing designs.
  • Life was fun, exciting, fast paced, and 24-7 work.
  • By 40 yrs. old, I was tired of boarding passes and living out of a suit-case. I returned to my hometown of Knoxville, TN.
  • I enjoy photographing people, planting my garden, driving to the grocery store, renovating an old house, having a photography studio and being a wife and mother.
  • Afterall, for fifteen years everything I owned could be packed in two (very) large suitcases.

I Have Degrees From

I Have Studied Under Award-Winning Photographers

I Am A Member Of

Margaret Rodgers Photography

Margaret Rodgers Photography, Self Portrait



I started photographing other’s children when my child decided to run the other way….  FYI – This image won 3rd place at the Oak Ridge Camera Club Print Competition in 2014.

Drop By  !!
We invite you to come by our Studio in the Bearden area to see first-hand our work, our products and our relaxed vibe.
Clients who want to have FUN !!!

At MARGARET RODGERS PHOTOGRAPHY, we find that fantastic images result from a well planned Portrait Session.  We offer a FREE consult at our Bearden area studio where we will discuss your location choices, your clothing options, and any qualities which will make your photos unique. This is a chance to bring your IDEAS to the table.

This gives us a chance to meet, talk, crack a few jokes, laugh, and break the ice. Standing in front of a camera can be intimidating and scary.  It is our intention to make you confident and relaxed so your beauty and personality shine through. All consults are FREE and no obligation to proceed further.

We will create a game plan together that reflects your personality and will result in fantastic photos and a fun experience for you.


4009 Forest Glen Dr.
Knoxville, TN  37919


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